Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tips from some excellent darter....

This morning as I was doing my daily work at the office, my phone 'sang' Drain You of Nirvana. Hmm.. SMS! turn out to be my darts idol.. Hahahaha.. wake up call I see... I replied and he kept on coming back.. lol Conversation goes like this...

Idol : "Praktis bull bro.. ambik consistency.. min 30 bull"
Me : Ok, Thanks.
Idol : "Kak ya 101.. 100.. .. 50.. 3 n 2 darts checking for muscle memory.."
Me : Cool, will do..
Idol : "Tips for bull.. x aim.. jus flow ur stroke.. if u do aim,x take too long.. throw waktu nadi nafas u brhenti stiap kali breathing.."
Me : Owh, nicer tips. Tq. Try the breathing part later, Hehehe..
Idol : "I biasa mcm ya... sebab mun u ambik nafas u will force ur throw.. then nya jd x consisten.."
Me : Maybe thats y my throw sik consistent.. kak tok ngetes nya.

I want to tell you guys about who this darts master is but I'm afraid he will 'bull' me later.. hahaha.. Somehow I will ask for permission from him first.. If I can, then I will post more of his brilliant game into this blog. Hahahaha.. c ya.. _\m/

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Let's Go Again...

Well, it seems like forever since my last update. Lol.. Anyway, here’s the thing. Created an account and then got cancelled by higher authorities. It just blew me away. It made me unsettled and then hatred plus anger got the best of me. Ok, I know that is just over the top.. Truth is I got lazy.. Forgive me eh.. hehehehehe.. *The Rock trademark eyebrow thing*.
            The Darts scene in Kuching has got better than ever. Since the last game I covered here, there was like a dozen other tourneys and even social darts got merrier by the hour. I just can’t really cope with the growth. To say proud is an understatement. Maybe screaming, “Hoorah!!! Yess!! Yeah!!” while running around the block might quite say it or maybe that’s just too much again. Really, seeing more darters came out of their hiding is really amazing. Some most of them we haven’t seen before and actually played really well. Throwing some consistent darts is really mind blowing. To have scored 180 max score in every leg is even “Pro..” like we always like to joke “You should play with Phil or Barney or sort…” Don’t take me wrong, it’s not really a joke, it was a compliment purely from my heart. I’ve seen some darters throwing consistently for the first few months and then lousy in the next few. Some got better, some static and some even stop playing.
In my first year of shooting these small arrows, proudly saying I was that good, throwing some mean 18 darters and less. Then arrogance kills me in an instance. I wasn’t ready for all that at the time. I was merely throwing for fun with no serious intention in mind. I was picking and choosing my opponent since most of them at that time was totally no match for me *shaking head in regret*. Then in 2007, I got hit in the face by karma, I was defeated by my own stupidity. Got so angry at myself for hitting 5 all the times while aiming for T20, T1 got me to reverse the results. *as if…* I thought, try aiming for T1, then it’ll land on T20. Stupid! It wasn’t the solution but I thought it was. Then I started to play bull or semi-bull for at least a minimum of 75 score. Still can’t make any difference. In the middle of the game, I was ready to call it off but my sympathy (not the right word..) for my opponents at that time was greater. He was a rookie and only been playing darts for like a week or so… I didn’t want him to lose respect of me because I was the one giving him tips and tricks in scoring, setting and checking. It’s at least a consolation to know that someone I mentored *feels like Phil and Adrian…* beat me fair and square, but it wasn’t, not even a bit. My mentality was so down. I kept saying quitting is the best thing to do right now. So, training has stop.
Few months has past, my darts was rusty and dull, my dartboard was a home of fungus, my friends kept calling me for some sparring but I denied them. Well, sometimes I went only to get some drinks with them but wasn’t sure if I wanted to play anymore.
Maksak Darts call out. My name was listed out to represent our department. I just sigh and told them I can’t play anymore. Told them I quit. They insist because they can’t find a partner for one of them. We were playing double tourney for Maksak. Not wanting to disappoint my partner I brilliantly say “OK”. That was it, something missing in my life… *owh, so dramatic..* Found my darts not in the darts case but in my toolbox. Gather my drill and sandpaper to sharpen and shine them. Maksak here I come again. Did well last year and this year going to be even better I hope. Game on, out of nowhere, without training and preparation, won first game in league phase with some brilliant game by…. me, off course. Never thought I still have the game in me. Was hitting Ton for fun. Was moving left to right just to find the best angle and hit them in almost every throw. I was pretty happy for it to happen on Maksak since my partner wasn’t a darter to begin with. He was just there to complete the representative quota. lol. I was too. Knowing that other teams were playing really well in league phase, so I told my partner, we only need to get to second round.
Second game, again unexpectedly we won with the same score line. 2 nil. No reply and I hit 140 in both legs. So I thought I’m coming back. It’s the break that I needed. Deep down I know that I need to play with respect to my opponent to play well. I was too highly confident before and off course it was my ego and arrogance that kills my game. Knowing that, I started playing my game with respect to my opponent and we won all 5 matches in league phase. We were top of the group. Senior darters has already for seen my game *like they said..* and it’s no surprise that we topped our group. Hmm.. I wasn’t in the same boat with them all. They are really good and humble. I wasn’t. Hit me again and regretting my attitude toward other darters. I was so ashamed when they told me I can really play well if I can control my temper and respect other darters. To cut the story short, we managed to proceed forward only to fall at quarter-final. But it was a good outing since we were the best team from our department and I didn’t train or even throw for few months, plus my partner was not a darter. Most of my colleagues fall at top 16.
The second fallback!! Year 2009, I was in a verge of quitting for the second time as my arrows was hitting 5 again. These time no more compensation by hitting T1 anymore. That was just plain stupid. I was only moving around the oche and even moving as far as 2 feet from the right of the oche. How intense it was for me to try and get my throw right. This continues on for a month long and to make the matter worse, my house got nabbed by burglar on February 2009. My notebook was laying around in my living room with other electronic devices was not disturbed. The only thing missing was my dartboard with my darts set. Obviously it was a darters or maybe their right hand man.. lol.. but seriously, those are the only thing ‘they’ took. After the police report, my decision has become clear. Stop is the only answer available. I was married and need to stop spending my money on beers and stuffs. Well, that was my resolution at that time anyway. (Lame, I know…) It was April 2010, I saw a dartboard in my new working place that gave me a wink. “Let’s start all over again!” I smiled. I still have the calculation and settings. I just need to get training back again!
Starting over is not as easy as I thought it was. Me hitting 5 again has really annoyed me but I learnt to make full use of it. Saying 5 is better than 1. hahahaha.. Still until now my game has not improve to my liking or to how I used to throw. Lol.. My best so far is only 16 darter and I’ve hit them only once. Did I mention that my best was an 11 darter….? It goes as 140, 180, 100, 81 in 2 darts. My 81 was T15 D18. Achieved that during Sosial Singles Darts Kampung Seberang Kedai, Limbang. Year, can’t remember tho.. hahaha.. Was representing Champion 7 Darters Limbang. Some good old time… When can I get that again, I don’t know but trying hard. I know it’s not easy tho. Hitting 5 is not how Phil Taylor won his 15 World Championship title.. hahahaha.. _\m/

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Phil Taylor's 5 Best Tips For Playing Darts

Phil Taylor's 5 Best Tips For Playing Darts - Throw Darts Like The Power

Phil Taylor is the 15 times world darts champion and regarded as the greatest player ever to play darts.Phil like every professional darts player has his own unique way of throwing darts.Phil admits "There is no right way to throw darts and no wrong way to throw darts" but he continues "There are a few key elements every great dart player shares" these elements include stance, grip, aim, and release.

Other key elements in the dart throw include rhythm, posture, equipment and a cool darts nickname is vital in making yourself a better darts player.

Find The Right Darts - Finding the darts that suit you and your style is the first tip.This includes the weight of the dart and the lenght, design and grip.Most professional darts players use light darts usually 20 gramme and under, Dennis Precisely uses darts as light as 16 gramme but strangely Phil Taylor uses 26 gramme darts.Trial and error are needed to fint the perfect darts for you.

How To Stand Playing Darts - Phil Taylor like most professional darts players stands with his leading foot turned sideways to the oche (Oche is the term used for the line you throw from).With your foot turned sideways lean slightly forward, do not lean too far forward and sacrifice balance for being a few inches closer to the dart board.Make sure your steady and comfortable and keep your body as still as possable.

How to aim your dart - Phil Taylor lines every part of his body to the target "Imagine there is a chalk line from your target running down the wall and across the floor, you should stand in a position were the line would run directly to the center of your body" he continues "Aim the dart like a gun from the center of your body".

Handle the pressure - Once you have your throw you now have to put it to the test.Pressure can cause you to throw faster and loose rhythm or shake and and loose grip both resulting in more holes in the wall than in the dart board.

Pick an awesome darts nickname - Picking a cool nickname is of course a huge part of being a better dart player - Phil 'The Power' Taylor - Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis - are both good examples, Phil 'Looser' Taylor probably wouldnt have have had as much success.

Now you have the tips of the 15 times champion of the world but lets look at the Preferred throw from the people who bring science to sport.

Courtesy of

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Housing Development Corporation Darts Club.

Visited some 'otai' darters in HDC. The club was roomy with 3 boards.. hmm.. nice n convenient. Mr. Aju as their 'coach' with numbers of talented darters were there doing their daily routine training, while we came barging in. Only me and Zack tho.. lol The hall is actually a none smoking hall with air-condition blasted to full speed.. hehehehe.. but with only opening 1 window panel, the hall became "Smoking Zone" hahahaha.. For smokers, this is a good place too considering that we don't have to go outside just to take a sip of the 'petrol' lol..

Anyway, Mr. Aju was kind enough to call us in for a little sparring.. Even invited us for Friendly match on Thusrday night to prepare for Maksak 2011. Thank you very much for having us bro.

Just a little peek of their Dart Hall..

 Nice setup. All dartboards was placed on the stage. Semifinals and Finals would be played on the stage whenever they organize a tourney. Wonder when will HDC Open be held...

Sparred with all of the darters and managed to win most of the games.. lost to a couple of good darters including the host himself Mr. Aju. (have to 'give face' ma..) hahahaha...

Will be back for the Friendly match and this time no more 'give face..' hahaha.. *devilish laugh*

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Buying Online?

Here's a suggestion. Shipping is only 17.5% of the item price. For e.g. Item price £25.99 + 17.5%(£4.55) = £30.55. Then convert £30.55 to Malaysia Ringgit = RM150.91. This is the price of Unicorn Adrian Lewis Tungsten darts.We can buy this darts here in Malaysia with the price ranging from RM200 to RM300. Actually I bought 1 set from our local shop here with a price of... well, more than RM150.91 off course.. see how much can we save... Unfortunately, buying spares(shafts & flights) are not advisable. Spares can be bought in any darts shop locally.. lol For better preview of the site..
Try this site. Maybe some items are sold out but be sure to comeback after a week or so.. Who knows by then they have re-stock their collections.. You can get just about anything on darts here. This site also comes with 7 languages as u can see on the flags above. Just click on them to view the site in your selected language. It's convenient and totally recomended. 

Note : dartskch is not responsible for any losses or damages on item purchased from this site.

Monday, 25 April 2011

DBKU Social Darts Double...

I did mentioned on the invitation given to us for this social darts double. Remember, I said
that I wanted to blow them away.. lol.. It did happen but not by me in particular.. Thanks to
the Team of Zack n Aidiq and Woods and Big J as they met in the final. Zack n Aidiq won the final in style. Zack checking out on 73 in 2 darts. Treble 11 and Double Top. It was brilliant finish. Me, I wouldn't go for that route. I'll play safe with treble 19 for double 8 check out. The reason, say I miss the treble 19 and hits 19, I will have 54 with 2 darts in hand. Simple 14 and double top. Different with treble 11 route, if you miss the treble and hits 11, 62 balance in 2 darts will have to go for bull out. Double bull is really small when it's game on.. lol The route Zack took really shows the level of confident he has in winning the final. So, Congrats to both team.

Woods and Big J didn't a lot of wrong it just a case of one game too much. Woods was
in pain, courtesy of his right knee. The injury he picked up during a football match years ago
and he did undergo for operation last year. but still the pain is bothering him sometimes
especially after standing up for too long... Well, darts requires a player to stand for an extended amount of time.. lol Fact of life.. lol Big J too was showing some sign of tiredness.

Me and my new partner, Ramzan lost out on points to qualify to semifinal spot. In leageau phase, we won 3 and lost 3. Actually lost out on leg diff. to Zack and Aidiq. Ramzan played well considering he didn't throw some darts for like ages.. Me playing like 'I don't belong here..' sickness.. argh.. if only my Barney's darts got back 1 day earlier.. Anyway, what over is over.. Just get ourselves ready for the next..  hehehehe...

 Four boards used for the Social Darts in DBKU Muzium.
 Zack and Aidiq before game starts..
 One of the DBKU darters..
 Aidiq and Mamat for WARS doing the High five before their Semifinal match.
 Mamat's partner, don't know his name but thats him showing some respect for darts in his knee length shorts. Hmm... really respectful, no?  
Champion receiving their Winners cash of RM80. Congrats bro... 
1st Runner up receiving their RM60 for their effort in reaching the final.. Congrats again bros...

Hopefully many more finals to come. Keeping my fingers crossed for the whole year. and oh.. if anymore social darts to be held in Kuching, we'll be there to lend a hand in winning the finals.. hahahaha.. :P 

Barney is back.. err.. I mean the dart...

Like I said, it was once broken and now it's replaced. Too bad I didn't have the 'broken' pic. Somehow, I'm just happy it's back in my arm.. lol.. Unicorn Barney Phase II 25g.. been missing it for 2 weeks.. then again.. it's not my baby.. The other dart still in 'service' is.. Unicorn Adrian Lewis Latinum Tungsten 22g.. It's lighter but my grip and throw is just right.. Anyway, Thanks to Mr. Aju for the great 'service'.. oh.. forgot to mention, the points are really sharp and I mean really sharp and it's really thin and tiny. Just look at the pics below..

The points was made from a stainless steel needle used for sewing rag. The size of the needle, I'm not sure but it's really, very clever and innovative modification of the needle.. lol It was shaped with safety precaution too, so if the points ever gets broken again it will break at the weakest part of the point, that is at the beginning of the tiny pointed steel point. Thus, it will leave enough length of point for us to pull out the remaining steel point. Hmm.. make sense, no? Well, let's just hope it never breaks again.. lol
 Notice the colour of the darts. The one in the middle(with burnt marks) is the one with broken point. I figured that Mr. Aju torched the darts to the steel melting point so it's easier to pull out. The density of the tungsten darts is higher so it doesn't get melted easily as steel does.
 Changed the position so the serviced dart is at the lowest position in this pic. For whatever reason that is.. lol
 After some cleaning of the darts. Managed to clean most of the burnt marks.. but still visible tho.. :(
Better view but still not clear enough.. Camera phone is not really the best cam for capturing details type of pics.. lol

Been practicing with the darts but feels akward at first. The first few throw hits anywhere but the 20s.. lol after like 5 mins, then it starts to hit the 20s.. Then it starts to make me feel 'Let's get it home now!!!' Hahahaha.. One week to go for the 3Some Open Tourney.. Make the best of it.. C'mon...!!! :P